General labour Inspectorate Executive Agency

A delegation from the National Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Poland arrived in Bulgaria for a working visit

29.10.13 |

In the period 29-30 October 2013 г. a working meeting was conducted between representatives of the General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency and a delegation from the National Labour Inspectorate of Poland, Legality of Employment Department.

On behalf of the GLI-EA, the meeting was opened by the General Secretary Mr. Georgi Milchin. The meeting was attended by Mrs. Teodora Dicheva, Director of Employment Relations and Public Service Relationships and Legal Support Directorate and Mrs. Daniela Kadiyska, Director of International Labour Migration Directorate. The Polish delegation was presented by Mr. Jarosław Leśniewski, Director of Legality of Employment Department.

At the working meeting were discussed topics of mutual interest for both parties,  related to prevention of undeclared work, rules of employment of foreigners in Bulgaria and the inspections of legality of employment of foreigners in Poland, prevention and combating human trafficking for labour exploitation.