Employment record book

The employment record book is an official document attesting to the circumstances recorded in respect of the employment activities of the worker or employee.

On commencing work, the worker or employee is required to present his or her employment record book to the employer.

When a worker or employee starts work for the first time, the employer must provide him/her with an employment record book within 5 days.

The employment record book is kept by the worker or employee who must present it to the employer upon request, as well as for recording new circumstances in it.

The following information about the worker or employee is entered in the employment record book:

  1. Name, date and place of birth;
  2. Address;
  3. Identity card number or another identification document and personal number;
  4. Education, profession, speciality;
  5. Position held and organisational unit in which the worker or employee works (department, workshop, service);
  6. The agreed salary;
  7. Date of commencement of work;
  8. Date and reason for termination of employment (article, paragraph, item and letter of the Labour Code);
  9. The length of time that is recognised as length of service and the length of time that is not recognised as such;
  10. Benefits paid at the end of the employment relationship;
  11. Attachment notices provided for in Article 395(4) of the Civil Procedure Code.

The employer must accurately and promptly enter the data and any changes thereto in the employment record book.

If the employment record book is lost through the fault of the employer, a new employment record book is issued by the relevant Labour Inspectorate at the request of the employee. In this case, the employer provides to the Labour Inspectorate the necessary data from the previous employers.

If the employment record is lost by the employee, the Labour Inspectorate issues a new employment record to the employee on the basis of reliable data submitted by the employee.

Reference: Articles 347 to 350 of the Labour Code.