Working time

The length of the working week in Bulgaria is 5 days with a normal duration of weekly working time of not more than 40 hours. The normal length of the working day may not exceed 8 hours.

For operational reasons, employers may extend the working time on certain working days by a written order and compensate that extension by reducing the working hours on other days after prior consultation with the representatives of trade unions and of workers and employees. The duration of the extended working day may not exceed 10 hours and, with respect to workers and employees whose working time is reduced, that duration may not exceed their reduced working time by more than one hour.

The employer is obliged to notify the Labour Inspectorate of the extended working time. Employers are obliged to have a dedicated log book to keep a record of the extension of working hours and of the respective compensation.

The working hours are reduced for workers and employees carrying out work under specific conditions where the risks for their life and health may not be decreased or mitigated regardless of any measures taken, hence reducing the number of hours of work is the only way to limit the health hazards.

The parties to the employment contract may agree on part-time work.

The employer may introduce part-time work in the event of decreased workload for a period of up to 3 months in a calendar year, after prior consultation with representatives of the trade unions and of the workers and employees.

The distribution of working time is set out in the internal rules and regulations of each undertaking.

Owing to the specific nature of their work, certain categories of workers and employees may be required to be on duty or available to their employer over a given period during the day. The categories of workers and employees, the maximum duration of working time and the procedure for recording working time are set out by the Minister for Labour and Social Policy.

Certain categories of employees may be required to work irregular hours at the discretion of the employer and after consultation with representatives of the trade unions and of the workers and employees.