Over 170 employers and social partners were informed about the labour rights in cross-border construction work

More than 170 representatives of construction companies and social partners in the sector took part in the information day dedicated to the rights and obligations of construction companies when hiring staff, with an emphasis on posting within the framework of service provision and occupational safety.

The forumCrossing borders for construction work: all you need to know” which took place on 02.11.2023, was organized by the European Labour Authority (ELA) with the support of the General Labour Inspectorate (GLI EA). It is a part of the European Labour Authority’s campaign for 2023 #EU4FairConstruction whose aim is to raise the awareness among employers and workers in the sector. According to data from the European institution, the largest number of seconded workers within the framework of the provision of services in the European Union are in construction. Every fourth seconded person is engaged in the execution of general construction work. The information session also took place among initiatives aimed at familiarizing the interested parties with their rights and obligations in the realization of employment relationships, which the Labour Inspectorate conducted on the occasion of its 116th anniversary.

The participants in the forum were welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Ginka Mashova. She noted that for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, conducting of such information days is extremely important for the more effective implementation of policies aimed at protecting the rights of workers. Ginka Mashova, on behalf of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Ivanka Shalapatova, congratulated the employees of the General Labour Inspectorate on the occasion of the institution's birthday on 3 November 2023.

The Executive Director of the General Labour Inspectorate, Ekaterina Asenova, also addressed the participants, thanking the ELA for the organized forum and noting that there is a special measure in the Agency's Action Plan guaranteeing enhanced control in the sector. "This sector is high-risk both because of the use of various forms of undeclared work and because of the occupational accidents. Therefore, I guarantee that the measure for control on the construction sites will again be in the plan of the Inspectorate next year," Asenova said. She added that the main mission of the labour inspectors for 116 years has been to guarantee the labour rights of the workers in Bulgaria to the fullest extent, but this can happen effectively when all the parties to the employment relationship are well aware of their rights and obligations. The Executive Director of GLI EA expressed her belief that the forum will be useful for the participants and that they will pass on what they have learned to their colleagues.

During the information day, the participants were introduced to topics related to the requirements for employment in the construction sector of seconded EU citizens and third-country nationals and the provision of health and safety at work.