The General Labour Inspectorate joins a pan-European campaign for the prevention of occupational accidents

The General Labour Inspectorate joins the campaign launched in January 2024 by the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee: "Zero accidents at work".

All EU Member States participate in the campaign. Its main goal is better occupational accident prevention among employers and workers through raising their awareness in relation to identifying and addressing the causes of accidents. The sectors which will be under control within the campaign are construction, agriculture and transport. Each country will determine the number of inspections. In Bulgaria, in addition to the inspections, informational forums will be held targeted at employers and social partners.

           Among the aims laid down are: increasing the knowledge on how to investigate occupational accidents in order to identify and prevent their causes; enhancement of awareness about the risks, related to occupational accidents and injuries through: providing sector-specific information aimed mainly at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; providing guidance on accident investigation procedures outlining the methodology for establishing the main cause of their occurrence; promotion of participation by workers and their representatives in the investigation of occupational accidents and the subsequent preventive measures which should be adopted; sharing good practices.

       Among the objectives are strengthening the implementation of existing rules and instructions and cooperation with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work through its national centers as an opportunity to use and disseminate its information materials.

       All Member States will report their national results using a common template developed by the working group. The latter will collect data from the Member States, draft a project report and submit it to the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee.