Center for Information and Services

The Center for Information and Services of the GLI EA provides information and advice on issues, related to the legality of employment, the rights and obligations of the parties to public service employment relations, securing and complying with the requirements for health and safety at work, control over the provision of mediation services for finding a job and employment, the posting of Bulgarian workers and employees abroad and employment of foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Center receives all applications, accompanied by the required documents for the provision of services, requests, inquiries, and requests for access to public information.

Information about the Agency, the services and the necessary documents, as well as standard applications and model forms are available to visitors.

In the Center for Information and Services you may submit your comments, suggestions and recommendations regarding the administrative services and the activity of the Agency, as well as to exercise the right to signal for corruption. To that purpose, in the lobby of the Center you may find a mailbox, where you are welcome to post your signal, using the special questionnaire. Opinions and recommendations of citizens are also accepted by regular or electronic mail.

 Here you can get information about all the activities of the Labour Inspection Directorates and their contact details.

The Center is located on the ground floor of the GLI EA at 3, Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov Boulevard, Sofia.


Working time of the Center:

All working days from 9:00 to 17:30, without a break

Consultations (only Bulgarian) in the building of the GLI EA at 3, Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov Boulevard, Sofia:

On labour relations issues - Monday and Friday from 14 to 15 h.

On issues concerning public service employment relations - the last Monday or Friday of each month from 14 to 15h.

On safety and health at work - Wednesday from 14 to 15 h