Signal for corruption

Dear Citizens,

According to the Council of Europe's Civil Law Convention on Corruption, 1999, "corruption" means "requesting, offering, giving or accepting, directly or indirectly, a bribe or any other undue advantage or prospect thereof, which distorts the proper performance of any duty or behaviour required of the recipient of the bribe, the undue advantage or the prospect thereof."

You are welcome to report any case of corruption you have encountered. However, please remember that we cannot process anonymous signals or signals regarding infringements older than two years.

All signals received online are valid and equal to signals received on paper. However, the online signals must be signed electronically and have to be in the format available to be eligible for processing. According to the Law on the electronic document and electronic signature, art. 13 (1), the electronic signature is any information in electronic format, every information related to the electronic statement in a way coordinated between the author and the addressee, secure enough concerning the exchange which discloses the identity of the author.

The signal may be a scanned copy of a document, signed with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) or an electronic document in one of the following formats: *.doc, *.docx (MS Word), *.xls, *.xlsx (MS Excel), *.pdf (Adobe Acrobat), *.jpg, *.jpeg (images), again signed with QES. In addition, you may sign your document electronically by the software's built-in features or use special software to sign documents electronically.

You must attach the electronically signed signal (i.e. a file with a *.p7s or *.p7m extension).

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