6. What are the competences of the Labour Inspectorate’s supervisory authorities to exercise control over telework/home work?

     The EA GLI has powers to exercise control over the performance of home-based work and teleworking. The control activities of the EA GLI encompass all labour aspects of the work performed by the workers or employees (including compliance with the provisions governing working hours and rest periods of workers or employees; compliance with the rules on safety and health at work; payment for the work carried out by the workers or employees, etc.).

     The particularities of the inspection methodology applied in the sector stem from the specific nature of the performed work. The correct application and compliance with the health and safety requirements and standards are inspected both at the initiative of teleworkers and home-based workers and employees as well as at the initiative of their employers or the control authorities. Workers and employees performing home-based work and remote work have the right to request a visit to their workplace themselves by reporting a breach of labour law to the relevant Labour Inspectorate Department.

    The control authorities have the right to obtain information directly from workers and employees regarding any matter relating to the exercise of control and to require them to declare in written form facts and circumstances relating to the performance of the work.

      Where data is found with information on possible infringements of labour law, such as teleworking without an employment contract, overtime not paid, etc., the control authorities may carry out visits to the workplaces where the work is performed in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 107e(2) and Article 107k(5) and (6) of the Labour Code.

     Employers keep records of any worker or employee performing work from home and provide such records to the control bodies of the EA GLI upon request.