Check here if you are working undeclared

Have you been engaged in work or other activity for pay in the last 30 days, even for 1 hour (including in a farm or family business)?
In order to carry out a self-assessment, you need to have worked for pay in the last 30 days.
What type of work contract do you have?

Thank you! The questionnaire assesses the risk of undeclared work in a formal business environment. It can be fully undeclared or partially undeclared, with part of the salary being paid officially and part of it being paid manually and unofficially.

Although there is no official definition of the concept of undeclared work, it is accepted in the European Union that it refers to any activity carried out for payment, which is legal in nature, but is not declared to the public authorities.

If you believe that you are providing labour in violation of the Labour Code and your relationship is not regulated as employment with a written employment contract, you can report the Labour Inspectorate at